Limit on cash deposits

Hi All,

Is it possible to get the £1000 cash deposit limit raised at all?
When travelling for business etc I can quite often go to places that aren’t likely to accept cards and so will regularly withdraw a bit of cash so I can buy lunch or whatever.

Also going to a funeral Yesterday I withdrew a bit of a more substantial amount as I knew the bar wouldn’t take card’s, as it turns out I spent a lot less than I expected and have come home with £200 cash.

I’ve got a lot of friends weddings planned in the diary for this year and the situation could easily be the same (It’s always nice to imagine spending less than one might :wink: )

Given I already chuck about £150 back in cash per month it seems like just a few extra bits of cash over a 6 month period is going to take me over the limit and suddenly the deposit limit seems quite restrictive.

In the past I’ve also done collections for a local charity I’m a trustee of and just banked the cash then sent the money forward to the charity but putting an extra £500 in cash (and obviously soaking up the fee myself) is really going to put a dent in my limit.

I guess I’m going to have to keep a legacy high street account to pay cash into if there’s no way to raise the limit in Monzo?

I understand we’re mainly a cashless society and I’d love to be entirely cashless but it just doesn’t work like that sometimes and I’m worried this is the one limit I’m going to find is a struggle with my Monzo account.


Unfortunately there isn’t a way to raise the limit. I believe it’s something monzo are hoping to do in the future, but no timescales as of yet.

I have also used the majority of my deposit limit, therefore I’ve kept one legacy account purely as a backup + depositing cash if required.

The other option is to use that cash and pay for your supermarket shop, that way any left over cash will get used up quickly.


I’m also someone who tends to take too much cash out from ATMs and be left with excess that I end up putting back in. I thought I was weird but glad i’m not the only one haha

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