Track Deliveries

It would be amazing to integrate with the likes of Royal Mail / UPS / Hermes / Amazon etc so if I buy something online I can track the delivery.
And even better if you could see the status of delivery by linking it back to the transaction.

I’m sure that this would take a lot of work. I would almost go as far to say that I wouldn’t mind giving the user the option to do a few manual steps themselves in an early version…e.g. If an Amazon transaction is made, having a button which opens the Amazon app to track…or giving the option to manually enter the Delivery Number to show the status in a fancy Monzo UI…

Maybe as more vendors get on board with Flux, there might be a really joined up way to see what I ordered, where it is and when I can expect it!

One day… :smiley:

On a slightly similar theme, is there an easy way to send emailed receipts to Monzo?

Voted :+1:

Any receipt, no - other than using the camera to take an image of the receipt in-app.
Some receipts (depending on vendor), yes - using Flux and/or Unfurler. Flux does it all in the background, Unfurler gives you an email address to forward emailed receipts to and if it is from a supported vendor, Unfurler adds it to the specific transaction so it looks a little like an embedded receipt.


Love this idea.

It’s a shame Amazon have stopped including product details in their emails, otherwise I’d give Unfurler a go.

Thanks @davidwalton for bringing Unfurler to my attention. It goes to show what’s possible if the technology was a bit more joined up, amazing work!


You are very welcome - it is a fantastic service!

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I love this idea. I currently use Parcel App for this kind of thing. I feel like they currently work best in the U.K., and I happily pay the annual subscription fee for the value they provide. Sign up with Apple integration was a bonus too.

I think it would be cool to have something like this as a part of Monzo too. Have an additional entry on the transaction pane for a tracking number. Something like this I think would be better utilised being added as a plus feature.

It feels like a natural expansive feature, that despite not really being a financial service, would fit right into a product like Monzo harmoniously.

I had seen mentions before of the earlier version in another thread and then kinda forgot about it what with everything else going on

Impressed to see that it has a well polished website now as well and I have added in a request to join the whitelist to give it a run out myself

Thanks for the (re) heads-up and well done to @Sherlock on his fine efforts

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This sounds like just the sort of service I’m looking for.

I have my doubts, though. For instance, both Hermes and DPD send me push notifications about their deliveries. Sadly, the norm is for the parcel to be delivered, followed by a notification that it is out for delivery, and a final notification some time later that it has been delivered.

Push notifications aren’t instant (they refresh and notify every half an hour so, so depend on the third party systems to update.

In my experience though, they’re timely for the most part, and out for delivery notification is always received before it’s delivered.

I’ve tried a bunch of these parcel tracking apps, and this is the one that worked most reliably for my experience. Most of my parcels seem to be sent via DHL, DPD, or Royal Mail, so don’t have much experience with how it functions with third parties, but if something is missing or not working, they’re very responsive to feedback and reports and tend to fix things very quickly.

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Agghhhh there’s a wait list :man_facepalming:t2:

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