Track Deliveries

It would be amazing to integrate with the likes of Royal Mail / UPS / Hermes / Amazon etc so if I buy something online I can track the delivery.
And even better if you could see the status of delivery by linking it back to the transaction.

I’m sure that this would take a lot of work. I would almost go as far to say that I wouldn’t mind giving the user the option to do a few manual steps themselves in an early version…e.g. If an Amazon transaction is made, having a button which opens the Amazon app to track…or giving the option to manually enter the Delivery Number to show the status in a fancy Monzo UI…

Maybe as more vendors get on board with Flux, there might be a really joined up way to see what I ordered, where it is and when I can expect it!

One day… :smiley:

On a slightly similar theme, is there an easy way to send emailed receipts to Monzo?

Voted :+1:

Any receipt, no - other than using the camera to take an image of the receipt in-app.
Some receipts (depending on vendor), yes - using Flux and/or Unfurler. Flux does it all in the background, Unfurler gives you an email address to forward emailed receipts to and if it is from a supported vendor, Unfurler adds it to the specific transaction so it looks a little like an embedded receipt.

Love this idea.

It’s a shame Amazon have stopped including product details in their emails, otherwise I’d give Unfurler a go.