Online Shopping -Mark a transaction as Delivered/Not Delivered

So I’ve had an idea playing round my head that might be a big ask but it’s something that would really help me.

I buy a decent amount of things online and have been known to forget about a present I bought myself until it arrives.

It would therefore be really cool if you could buy something, find the transaction in Monzo and optionally mark it as “Not Yet Delivered”. When it arrives you can then change it to “Delivered”.

This wouldn’t be a default thing as plenty of transactions are in person but it would be great to be able to filter my transactions and see what is still outstanding.

Could you not do this using the tags/notes section and just searching “undelivered” as a tag?

Tap on the transaction then add a note/tag?


That’s a great idea! Thank you :blush:

Edit: I’d still love a fancy toggle in the OS but tagging does the job for now :blush:


I just leave the order confirmation email in my inbox until it arrives.


Spoken like someone who clears their inbox :laughing: I have too many emails for that to work :sweat_smile:

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Mark it as important or unread. That’s what I do :smiley:


Yeah I also have too many of those :grin: Stuff goes to my inbox to die.

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If you have Plus/Premium you could use tags or notes then have Google Sheets run a query to automatically create you a list with tickboxes you can check off every time something is delivered.

That’s a great idea!

Someone was tagging merchant data requests they’d submitted so it could be expanded for this too.


These are all very good suggestions parallel to Monzo. I could also make a paper list and cross things off as they arrive :blush:

But I just thought it would be nice to have a level of automation within the app itself. For example it might highlight them to you after 30 days if they are still marked as undelivered “Has XYZ arrived? If not you may wish to contact the seller”

It’s ok if other people don’t have this issue at all :blush:


Is tags/notes only available for premium/ultimate members? I never realised. I’ve had premium for so long I’m not sure what features are for who :joy::joy::joy:

No it’s not. I think they were referring to the integration with Google Sheets more than anything really.


I think it’s the Google export that’s plus/premium. I have one linked to my account but I don’t really use it (I don’t use Google docs much).

If you created a “online order” category, you could then make a Google sheet that lists these and how many days it’s been.

You might even be able to make it so that it gives a notification if something isn’t marked as delivered with x days.

That sounds super whizzy :heart_eyes: but as I’ve looked at my Google export a grand total of twice it seems unlikely that I would implement it/use it.

I was just dreaming of something really accessible and “in line” in the app. If it’s not a good idea that’s ok :relieved: I just like to imagine ways Monzo can be fancier than an old school bank.

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Bring back the Inbox by Google email service. Please. This took care of all of this automatically.
Such a shame it was sunsetted, with no real straightforward replacement to this day either.

Yep precisely that. For anyone who does want to know how it’s done:

  1. Go to
  2. Put this formula in cell A1 replacing YOURURL with the URL of your Monzo Google Sheet.

=QUERY(IMPORTRANGE(“YOURURL”,"‘Monzo Transactions’!A:P"),“SELECT Col2, Col5, Col8, Col9, Col10, Col12 WHERE Col12 LIKE ‘#OnlineOrder%’”)

  1. Highlight column G, go to Insert > Tick Box
  2. Include #OnlineOrder at the start of the notes of anything you want in your list.
  3. Jazz up the sheet with conditional formatting, set automatic reminders via IFTTT, etc.

I keep pondering the discussion on this thread today. It’s interesting that so many people suggested work arounds rather than consider the possible application of something like this in the Monzo app. :blush:

I have a little system that works for me currently, and it’s the same system I used when I was with HSBC, but I wanted to suggest something that Monzo could implement to differentiate themselves and to continue the aim of “making banking accessible”.

Similar to the “left to spend” wheel. I could easily just look at my balance each day and use a calculator to do the maths but the wheel is a wonderful simple visual prompt that requires no intervention.


As a short term fix you could use this new Labs feature that John build (the house that John build…),
which once you use them once, would suggest #undelivered and #delivered every time in notes so a lot less typing or copy pasting would be needed.
However, I love the idea of a radio button toggle for undelivered things.

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Ooh that’s a fab I hadn’t spotted that in labs! It will make it loads quicker to tag the “undelivered” items and it will protect me from typos :blush:

Thank you for sharing this!