Deleted Pots

I think monzo should make a way where people can remove there deleted pots from there feed as its really annoying

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Gavin29 is asking about feed items for deleted pots and the ability to delete these items.


Like pots that have been deleted showing up in the feed should some how be able to be hidden as its makes the feed look a mess

It doesn’t make sense to me to exclude transactions from your feed; it’s meant to be a historical record of every action performed on the account IMO.


Then you wouldn’t have an accurate and true account of your bank transactions :thinking:


You would has there could be a place in the app for previous pots

And there it could show what as been put in and taken out

So not only do you want to exclude transactions, but you want a separate place creating for showing the excluded content? Sounds like a lot of work just to tackle a messy feed.

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Im not talking about excluding anything im saying it would still be there but put in a different place for deleted pots

Your main transaction feed needs to be an accurate and true reflection of all and any movements in and out of your main balance.


Yh i under stand that but im sure monzo could create sometging where the pots u got and had show up instead of on the feed making it look a mess

How often are you deleting pots that this is a big problem?

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Well when i lock them and if im low on cash its annoying because monzo have to delete the pot then cant just change the day u need the money


Might be best not to use a locked pot if you’re needing to have it unlocked often. Or just lock it for a week at a time


Yh i know what u mean but monzo should be able to just change day instead of delete it would be easier and make the feed better

As I understand it, in the future the COps will have the ability to simply unlock the locked pot for you, but at present the only way they can give you access is to delete the pot. So it’s just a matter of waiting for that to happen, then your feed will no longer be so messy.


Would a simple feed filter suffice for this situation instead of building whole new functionality and areas to view hidden stuff?

You can have the following options then:


  • ETC…

If it is a mult-select you can select all apart from pot transactions and the problem will be solved. :thinking:

As with the locking pots situation, I agree with others. You’re not using it for its intended purpose which is why you’re having issues :slight_smile:


I am using in for a intended purpose but i have to pay something why should i wait when i could just ask if ghey could unlock it or just put how much i need in to the account