Option to dismiss '£X withdrawn from Pot'

It would be great to dismiss the withdrawn and added to pot notifications in the transactions feed because I find it more difficult to clearly see my transactions.

How would you account for the balance changes in the feed without those transactions? It would also make any statements look really strange as the balance jumped about with nothing to justify the changes.


+1 Eleanorads, I specifically signed up to actually vote for this idea or create my own. I find it annoying having 2 transactions of same amount it does not look tidy. Maybe a toggle in Monzo lab to hide Withdrawn from Pot. Or maybe just have 1 original transaction which is to merchant itself and underneath just say Withdrawn from “X” Pot because it does not affect the balance of the actually account.

There needs to be an accurate history of your account, so unfortunately they have to stay.

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Can we bump this? This looks really messy in app and on bank statements.

I agree you need an accurate bank statement so the bank statement would have to stay the same but the UI could be improved.

Similarly to when you mark a scheduled payment/bill to pay out from a pot and the pot icon appears in the top left you could do this on the feed screen.


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There has been talk of it acting more like a virtual card from a pot, where there is nothing in your main feed and it’s all dealt with in the pot feed, but that was months (probably years) ago and nothing since.