Monzo - hide transfers in and out of pots if they equal £0


Hi all

I moved £10 into a pot by accident, then moved £20 out for an expense I thought I would have. Then I didn’t have it, so moved it back into the pot.

Anyway to hide this? It looks quite messy and in the end I just moved £20 out and in.



No way to hide this but may be worth suggesting it to the Monzo team to consider it in the future.

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Yeah I’ve wanted this for a while. Condensing pot movements from the same pot would be really useful. Same for transactions made at the same merchant one after another.

So basically one feed item that is expandable to show all the related transfers.

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That sounds perfect. It makes the feed seem messy if you are moving money between your pots, or accidentally withdraw when you mean to put money in.

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