Delete pot transactions?

I was showing a friend how Monzo works and showed them how easy it was making pots. I gave it a stupid name, because of course I was trying to be funny…

Once I had finished, I transferred my money back and deleted the pot, but my summary tab still shows the “transaction”. Would be nice if I could delete this (or at least hide it) and not have the stupid name not show up in my end of month statement.

Would be a handy little addition!

They come up in your statement as ‘Transfer to/from savings pot’ not the name.

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I noticed this when I deleted a pot, I think that if a pot shows a balance of 0 on the summary screen it should be hidden, and then if the pot still exists and gets used within the month it reappears. This assumes it is only the Summary you want it hidden from.

I also think that Summary should reflect money moved to pot in your budget, but I already started a thread on that yesterday!

Edit: unless by summary tab you mean Home tab that lists transactions…


Agree, if you delete the pot, I don’t want any trace of it lingering around, makes no sense to show it on the summary, makes it seem like it’s still a thing, at the very least show it as potname (deleted)

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