Fixed term saving pot moneys gone

Hi everyone,

I had a 1 year fixed term savings pot that I should of been able to access today but for some reason the money has disappeared out of the account and only offers for me to set another one up.

Is there a delay in receiving the money.

Hi Ginger

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This is something for the in-app chat for the COP’s to deal with I reckon, most of the folk on here are just customers. Perhaps someone may be able to provide an answer but speaking to monzo direct is probably your best bet

Hope you get a resolution :slight_smile:

Savings pot withdrawals are in your account the next working day so I imagine this is what is happening. Is there no feed item showing the withdrawal?


Usually 1 working day, so I’d contact support first thing tomorrow, if you haven’t got it

If there isn’t, switch to a different tab, like ‘payments’ and then switch back to your ‘home’ screen.