Delayed savings pot withdrawal

Still no response on the chat about this, over 4 hours wait and it still says someone will respond in a few hours.

I had a similar delay of several hours. In fact, the twitter team replied to me faster.

I’m having the same issue. £100 has seemingly disappeared from my savings Pot (Charters Savings Bank). I withdrew the money a few days ago. But it’s not even showing up as a scheduled payment. It’s just disappeared! I

Can it be made clearly in the app approximately what time this money will become available? It showed under pending and said “the next day”, but I have now missed a direct debit payment because I thought the savings transfer would have cleared in time. Had it said “usually after 3pm the next day” or something to that effect then I would have done a personal transfer instead.

like this ??

If you open the pending transaction for further details, it says “5:00 pm” at the top. That’s always been a good enough indication for me. (My current pending one says “Today 5:00 pm” so I’m guessing it says “Tomorrow” on the day that you request it.)

Of course, the money usually arrives a lot earlier than that but having the last possible time displayed there like that seems the safest approach. (Today’s is quite late in comparison with others I’ve done.)

Thanks for that, I genuinely didn’t see that at the top of the pending transaction.