Delayed push notifications on iOS [May 2017]

I had the same issue today with two different transactions. No instant notifications, and when I opened the app it said that it had been last updated 8hrs ago.

Weird part was that the notifications came through 30 mins later, after the transactions had appeared in the feed.

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I am getting an ever so slight delay of possibly <10 seconds on transactions after they’re appearing on the feed too. Not as drastic as yourself though.

I’m experiencing the same ~30 minute delay on iOS notifications in the past 48 or so hours. Notifications continue to be delivered instantly to my Android device but do not appear on my iPhone until much later.

I had the exact same last night with two online transactions, at first I just attributed it to the retailers but that would have been some coincidence.

Split these posts off as it’s becoming clear that this is a different issue to the original thread. Please post here if you are experiencing the same issue of delayed iOS push notifications in the past day or two.

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Same issue here — didn’t get a notification while I was buying breakfast this morning; push notification arrived ~20-30mins later, but the transaction appeared in the feed.

Yep. Also had delays over Sunday and Monday. Will report back if still the same today.

While my original issue was resolved by installing the latest update, I am experiencing some delayed notifications on iOS now. Maybe 10-15 minutes this morning after buying my morning coffee - I was sitting down and had finished my breakfast before the notification came through. Liverpool St station with reasonable 4G coverage.
Instant notification for a cash withdrawal later.

The team are looking into this, thanks for flagging everyone! We will keep you updated :slightly_smiling_face:


This bug should now be fixed :hammer_and_wrench: please do let us now if this isn’t the case for you!


I’m back up to full speed!

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All fixed today!

Thanks for the speedy bug squishing :slight_smile:


I had a 1min delay last night after making a transaction which is unusual. I’m on testflight 1.9.6. Will use card again today and see.

I’m observing that notifications on both Android and iOS are within one second of each other at least.