Deauthorise/log out old app sessions

Is it possible to see old devices/authorised sessions on the same device previously logged into the Monzo app to allow these sessions to be remotely cleared? I don’t see any options to check what devices may be authorised.

I’d like to avoid having multiple approved sessions for the app other than my current where possible!

When setting up the app again from a phone reset for example does this deauthorise all previous sessions? Or can multiple sessions remain authorised/active?

The app can only be authorised on one Apple device and one Android device at a time, IIRC.

So if you’re logged in on your Pixel 3 and you buy a new Pixel 7 and log in on that, the Pixel 3 is logged out.

If you are logged in on your Pixel and you buy a new iPhone and log in on that, the Pixel will still be logged in.

I realise that doesn’t directly answer your questions, but I hope it’s useful information for you.


You can only be logged into one device per iOS/Android. So if you’ve never switched between them, then you’ll only be logged in to one.

This includes using the same device after a factory reset?

You can only be logged in once, so yes.

There is a section to check…

On the long list of your pots, tap the cog top right, then “privacy and security” and “manage apps” at the bottom and then you can see where you’re logged in.

It’s not obvious but swipe them to the left and you can log out. This includes Monzo


If on an iPhone and Android yes, those csn logged in at once.

If it’s Android to Android or iPhone to iPhone however, no this doesn’t work and the previous device is logged out automatically.

Which I honestly don’t understand, many other banks allow multiple devices.