Manage (connected) devices...?

Hello, Monzolites! :wink:
My old Android is no longer working after accidentally dropping it into the pool… Well, the notification led is still flashing, and the phone still vibrates when there is a new notification, but the screen is black. No resuscitation method (rebooting, letting the water dry off, placing it in the rice :slightly_smiling_face: etc.) worked.
In any case, it is not much worth paying to get it repaired - I was actually planning to retire it some time soon…
Today I installed Monzo on my new mobile phone, managed to log on without issues, and it works fine.
However, for security reasons, I would like to be able to sign off the old Android from the list of Connected (to Monzo app) devices. I looked on the app and here on the forum and cannot find any option or reference to “Manage devices” etc.
Does anyone know if there is a way around this?
Most of the other bank apps I know of do have this security-related function.
Thank you!

Is your new phone also an Android?

If so, I think it may automatically log your old phone out (you can only have one Android phone and one iOS phone active)

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^^that is correct

For reference

Settings > Privacy & Security > Manage apps

But it’ll just show the Android version of the app. I presume if you revoke access, it’ll boot you out of your current session and you’ll need to do the log in dance.

Thank you for your reply!
Indeed, my new mobile is also an Android. Your assumption sounds good and reassuring, but how can I be sure that my old phone was automatically logged out if I have no way of seeing the connected devices…?

Exactly, I checked there earlier, but there is no List of Managed devices as such. And I am now reluctant to revoke access, as I may then open a can of worms and have trouble logging back on onto the new mobile…

If you’ve logged in on an Android device, the other Android device will be automatically logged out.

No need to worry about it - I switch between 2 Android devices at least once a week for [cough] Monzo app investigation purposes [/cough] and if I leave the first device with the Monzo app running & visible, when I log into the second device, the first device reverts to the Monzo login screen after about 5 seconds.

Even if someone got your phone running, there’d be no access to your Monzo account. Unless they also had your email address and access to your email.

You could try & remote-wipe the broken phone if you have such a service set-up too. Not sure how successful this would be, but the phone seems to be ‘alive’ up to a certain point.


Thank you for your reply, David! I like your regular hard testing method! :grinning:
I feel relieved to learn that Monzo automatically logs out on ‘the other’ Android when another Android is used to log in. That’s sorted then.
On the less secure side, I do have all my emails, important work-related (some confidential) docs, and other bank apps on the half-dead Android… :smirk:
I guess that if I don’t find a way of securely remote-wiping it off, I may need to take the weird pleasure of destroying it with brutal physical force, piece by piece, like a Neanderthal woman. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Or just somebody having a smashing time!