How can I have the Monzo app on two different devices?

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How can I have the Monzo app on two different devices?

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I believe you can have it on two different devices of one is Android and the other is an iPhone… I don’t think you can have two Android or two iPhones.


You can have Monzo on two devices as long as one is iOS and other Android.

You can’t have Monzo on more than one Android or iOS device at the time.

@Jedihomer beat me to it.


I guess it’s kind of a security feature albeit a limitation at the moment. I guess in the future we’ll be able to authorise multiple devices?

Edit: it’s probably one of the few scenarios where I would use the pin/biometrics to unlock the app, if it’s installed on a work phone for example.

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I’m also interested in this… what if I lose my only mobile device?

But… I suppose the new emergency web portal comes into play here right? (Currently in staff testing!)

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Hi @AshT, you can always sign into another device, but your session on your previous device will be closed (revoked).You can think of a session as an ‘authorisation’ for a device to access Monzo. Our restriction currently in place limits you to one session per platform (iOS/Android/Monzo Web).

@AliD7 The reason this limitation exists is because we currently don’t have a way for our customers to manage their open sessions. In order to avoid our customers unwittingly keeping multiple sessions open, we only allow you to sign into one platform at a time. When you sign into a new device, your previous sessions for that platform will be closed.

Hope that helps answer your question!

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thats great. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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