Daily Balance / Summary Update

My lady is enjoying Monzo but has asked if I can request a daily notification of balance or move remaining in your summary.

I did say can’t you just open the app but she likes the idea of having this at a glance on a morning

The balance can be found in control centre on iOS or by force touching the app icon if that helps at all?

I’ll mention that this evening :slight_smile:

If it works!
This hasn’t worked for me since they rolled it out!

She could place it on her home screen as a widget type feature, me and my partner have both done this…

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Works fine for me on ios either through 3d touch or on the feed page as a widget.

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Works well on iOS but widget is non-existent on Android :sob::android:

Is it possible to get a balance notification with IFTTT? That might work?!

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There are some very elaborate Google Docs/Meta Widget tie-ins which can do this on Android using IFTTT to generate the source data;

But unfortunately, my primary Monzo account is a Joint Account which doesn’t have IFTTT integration at this time so I can’t implement it for my personal use :cry: I’d love to use this but only Personal accounts have IFTTT integration.

Oh :frowning: