Get a daily/weekly balance by notification / IFTTT into spreadsheet?

I’m really liking Monzo but a couple of things seem to not be available that’s stopping me moving my bank over to them…

I currently get a weekly text from my bank and use that to update a (google) spreadsheet to track how my balance is. I cannot see a way to do this with Monzo.

I was really hoping I could use IFTTT/Monzo to automate it but the only actions I seem to have is get/put from/to a pot, not a “whats the balance of this pot”

Am I just missing something or is Monzo just a different way of doing things?

Hi Steve & welcome :wave:

Monzo is ‘real-time’ - so the balance(s) displayed in the Home screen are the amounts as of now - no more waiting for weekly texts; Monzo is a little quicker than that :wink:

I currently have a set-up where each real-time Monzo transaction triggers a ‘copy’ of the transaction details to be sent to my YNAB account. So in almost real-time, my YNAB accounts update with the same data. This allows me to do some powerful projection-based analysis outside of the Monzo app.

I believe you can do the same with IFTTT and Google sheets with a personal account (I operate solely with a Monzo Joint account which isn’t yet supported with IFTTT, although I’d like to switch to using IFTTT as a connector in/out of Monzo) - such a IFTTT applet is here;

Not easily.

If you don’t have direct debits from your account, then you could set up a running balance effectively within Google sheets and subtract from that number if you spend anything.

Thanks, yes a different way of looking at it as you say.

Good point out on the IFTTT I think that should be good for “realtime” rather than my (it now feels) old fashioned weekly tracking :smiley:

I might also have a play with the API that I’ve just been reading about, knock up a little app if the IFTTT doesn’t work out

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Ah thanks about direct debits… that may skupper the IFTTT approach if it doesnt send that to the sheet… maybe API is a way to go

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