Android widget to view balance and spending


Loving the app so far but with only one thing missing for me. With Santander I can quickly check my balance on my home screen. I use this alot to keep track at a glance.

Would it be possible to create a widget to show some balance information on Android?

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Two votes in nearly 6 years, I wouldn’t hold out much hope!

Slightly more popular.

I’m sure many people would want this, and if it does become a reality I hope they make a better job of it than they did with the iOS widget, which will only ever update if you open the app.

Hi Thomas & welcome :wave:

There’s a way to do some clever stuff with IFTTT, Google sheets and Meta Widget for :android:
It looks complex at first but it isn’t really and you can also customise the Google sheet data to provide something more tuned into your daily financial habits: