Customer service vanished, no replies

Hey guys,

I had an issue with Monzo where certain transactions have lost the ‘sent from’ information. So I have received money from people but Monzo has forgotten who it’s from.

I contacted Monzo through the in app chat on the 7th and it was escalated to a specialist. Didn’t hear anything back, so I asked for an update yesterday and someone named Tiffany said she would look into it. I never got a reply yesterday and I still don’t have a reply now, I send messages and get no reply. There’s no way to disconnect from the chat and find a new person to speak to. I’m stuck.

Pretty terrible customer service, how do I sort this out?


I’m wondering if it’s an issue with your app

Could you try deleting and reinstalling to see if both transaction info and the chat is updated. No harm in trying


Thanks for the suggestion. I have just deleted and reinstalled the app. Interestingly enough, a transaction that was missing the sender now shows the person who sent it, but now another transaction is missing the sender instead.

As for the chat, it’s in the same state and I’m not receiving any replies from Monzo customer services.

I would like to add that I’m a long time beta user (since 2016) and I use Monzo as my main bank account, so major issues like this are quite frustrating.

I think that your average joe would become quite unhappy when their bank seemingly ignores them. I understand that Monzo is in constant development and I’m sure this will be rectified but these kinds of problems (Missing transaction info and vanishing customer service) really are big issues that should not be present in a stable release of the app.


That is truly awful. There’s no excuse to leave a customer hanging like that.


Out of interest does it say the name on a statement if you download one

Yes it does. I recently switched from Android to iOS. On the android app, all my transactions are shown correctly and there’s no information missing, this only occurs on iOS.

Also on iOS, you are unable to edit the reference of a payment received where as on Android you can. For example, someone sends over £5 to you with the reference “money” and you want to change that to “Spotify” for your own personal clarification, you cannot. But if you edit that reference on an android device, the iOS device will reflect that change.

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This has been the case forever. It’s a bit of a strange case, as it could be considered that Android is the broken system. The ‘reference’ of a payment is stuffed into the Notes field, which is what it’s shown as on Android. This allows you to remove the original reference. On iOS, the notes field is actually labelled as the reference, and is uneditable.

It’s been an annoyance of mine since I switched to iOS. Ideally, the reference would be split from the notes field, such that notes could be added to a faster payments transaction without destroying the original reference.