Monzo Customer support ghosting

HI there, a few days ago I tried to transfer an amount to a new current account in my name. The app blocked my account as i tried to do it, and then I needed to confirm my identity, which I did. Around 5 minutes later the account was unblocked and I could transfer money, but the app still said I needed to get in touch to unblock my account.

I messaged Monzo but have not gotten a response since, and every day I send a reminder text in the app’s chat.

Has anyone experienced being ghosted by customer support chat?



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Yes the also ghosted me recently and then asked me if I was satisfied with the support :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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You have a working account, so I guess you’re a lower priority as you’ve now proved who you are.

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My mother had this, seems to be a weird glitch
She got through to support twice and they weren’t helpful. Just said it was an error and don’t worry.


Have you tried deleting & reinstalling the app?

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Have you tried calling?

No idea what is going on at the moment but I have found customer service to be pretty awful. I put in a complaint three weeks ago but not had any update for a while even though it should be relatively easy to resolve.

This popped up when I went to try and find my chat.

They really need to sort this out as all I am hearing at the moment is bad things about the customer service, which I wouldn’t necessarily believed if I hadn’t experienced it multiple times myself.

Also frustrating that after a certain time the chat just disappears even though the complaint isn’t dealt with fully yet.


It’s start of a new month so most companies get hammered, certainly financial, for those struggling etc.

If it’s just a notification but your account is working fine just crack on doing what it is you need to be doing.

They will reply eventually.


As an update, I still haven’t had a reply from Monzo on my query that I lodged on 28th of Feb. I would have expected at least a “we will get back to you soon” message.

I know this isn’t urgent but I do think that a major bank ought to have a more responsive and supportive customer service.


Hey @sgruppetta

Im sorry that you havent had an update yet, did the last message let you know we would be in touch?

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I’m afraid not. I haven’t gotten a response at all to my 3 attempts at contacting support.

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Im sorry that you havent had any replies via chat, if you can call us we should be able to get an update for you :pray:

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Hi Tom,

I still haven’t received a reply in the chat, however I took your advise and called. The rep was fantastic and he resolved the issue in seconds. Very friendly too.

It’s a shame that Monzo hasn’t replied after 7 days, but at least it is resolved now before my upcoming trip (this is why I wanted the matter resolved urgently btw).



Im so sorry to hear that, but Im glad we managed to get you back up and running. :pensive:

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