Customer service response time

I haven’t had to use the messenger service for over a year. I loved the response when Monzo first started

I have been waiting for 2 hours for a response for a large transfer, I’m also an investor, very disappointed

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Lots of people on here report the same. It’ll likely happen later this evening.

I’d be disappointed, too.

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I’ll use my Revolute more from no on

Rev have FAR FAR worse support and large transfers there can easily get your account suspended for investigation for lengthy amounts of time.

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I’ve used them a few times recently and found them to answer near instantly and deal with things quickly and efficiently, if rather bluntly and robotically. I guess like all things it’s just a bit ‘luck of the draw’ and to use the old adage YMMV, but it’s been fine in my experience.

Revolut aren’t a bank, so I would be reluctant to let them hold anything of value.

I’ve emailed as well , nothing

Not sure the relevance of this line, regardless of who’s what within the Monzo community we’re all subject to the same wait, dependant obviously on how busy customer service lot are at the time an all.


Email will be days.

I thiink you’re confusing it with live chat… chat is days’ emails is weeks :rofl:

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I had need to contact COps last week. Initial question replied to almost immediately. Passed onto specialist team. Specialist response 10 mins later. Resolution in 10 mins or so, worked out for me.

Just to counter the narrative…


Someone always says they’re not sure of the relevance of being an investor, and virtually every time it is explained that the intention of saying so is not “I’m an investor so I want better treatment” or such but rather “As an investor, someone with a deep interest in Monzo who put their money where their mouth is to support Monzo in their attempt to be better than the rest of the industry, it makes me even more disappointed that this is happening” which to me makes it a very relevant point. TSB is crap, but I have no interactions with them so I don’t really care. If I was deeply invested in them be it emotionally, monetarily or however, it would be be much more disappointing to me that they’re crap.


This happens everywhere and from my experience when people provide more information than necessary (like this), threats of using another bank/service (again like here) or use strong adjectives (like the person in the other topic who is “enraged” because Monzo don’t provide cheque imaging) - it’s for one reason.

That reason is to create a sense of urgency / panic by whoever reads it in the hope of a sincere apology, plead to remain and that their request is actioned as a priority. If you’ve worked in any customer service role you’ll know that everyone exaggerates their claims and unfortunately it doesn’t help your cause because it just doesn’t carry weight anymore. If anything it just detracts from the point your trying to make - like here.

The best way to get good customer service is to be polite and stick to the point. It’s never the fault of the customer services person, so to take out your frustrations on them is just cruel. You’ll also find they’re more likely to go above and beyond then because they can empathise rather than also feeling angry or upset about the way they’re being spoken to.

For example. When I worked in a supermarket in the summer holidays I used to get people shouting at me for price increases. As if I had any say in it.

They too stated that “they’d shopped here for years” and “would choose to go elsewhere” unless it was sorted. Sadly I couldn’t do anything but for those who spoke to me politely without all the drama I’d give them my staff discount.


Takes around 12 hours for a average response from my experience. I’ve still been waiting 3 weeks for a simple issue that the special team have been dealing with as my pot vanished

I’ve never had a problem doing a same day transfer - they’ve always got back to me later that day. And I’ve done it quite a few times (as I chase ever dwindling interest rates).

Also I’ve got used to the list of requests: amount, transfer method, send a pic of me holding ID, etc. I always send that with the first request and I find that speeds things up.

I know it can be stressful, but try to be patient. It’ll get done.

In terms of other banks, First Direct will usually do it in one phone call (and they answer immediately). However, Halifax just will not increase the limit unless you physically go into branch. Halifax is also the bank that I’ve been on hold for three hours with.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be waiting for a message than sat listening to hold music only to have the line cut off and have to ring back.

So is Monzo the worst at keeping you waiting - no. But they’re certainly far from the quickest.