11 hour wait time for in-app support!

‘The current wait time is 11 hours.’ - 05/06/2019 11:08

Is the serious? 11 hours is a ridiculous time to wait for support when it’s relating to peoples money.

I understood last week when there was the Transfer incident but the status page is showing all as operational today.


Hey… at least you’ve got an estimated time now. Monzo don’t seem to publish their average wait times for normal queries. But slow wait times are just par for the course for Monzo.

strange I get typical reply in a few hours ?

Spoke to them yesterday and it was pretty much ‘live chat’.

Perhaps give them a nudge? Or is there another question you’re asking?

Haven’t had this issue on the other few occasions I’ve needed the chat with someone.

I always hate the robots, I get they want to save money but no one wants to talk to a machine, and the machines are just infuriating anyway.

I kinda get it. Bots make loads of sense if they help people get good answers to their questions quickly.

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They often don’t though, and even if they do, humans aren’t robots. The amount of times someone just wants an actual person to tell them an answer over googling it, it’s half my job. So even if a robot could give a correct answer, it’s often not the correct approach.

I have no problem with companies using chat bots (as long as they are developed well), to filter out the common queries with stock answers. But my query wasn’t able to be answered and then have to wait the rest of the day for a human to contact me in the poor service.


That seems a bit long and not at all like my experiences.
Recently I’ve used the chat twice, first for a non urgent issue which took just under 25 minutes and then an urgent one which I got a reply to in 4 minutes.

I too have experienced high wait times recently. I’m sure the answer will be along the lines of high customer growth (hardly surprising considering the adverts) and not being able to scale the Customer Service team quick enough.

I recently needed to reach out to Monzo support, and was also surprised it took a few hours - though it was only three or four.

On a humorous note :rofl: , at least nobody can claim the TV ads are misleading. Someone asks whether they can talk to their bank 24/7, and they later get woken up in the middle of the night - obviously some hours later!


I’ve had a horrible experience last 2 days. I’m trying to do a big transfer out of my account and I had to wait 5-6 hours for someone to respond with “Please send a selfie with photo ID, amount etc etc” and then I sent within a couple hours, and then had to wait another 7-8 hours (so next day) before a response was received saying I needed the money in my account first and that I should respond by Friday afternoon if I wanted to have it done on Friday as the team only work M-F

So friday 1PM I send all the information and I don’t get a response. I message back at around 6PM or something, and get the exact same response as the first one “Please send a selfie and the same information” so I send it through within 10mins and it’s been “escalated to a specialist”. It’s now 9AM Saturday morning and I have a feeling i’m not going to be able to transfer my money out until Monday, god knows what time.

Really unacceptable when I really needed to make this transfer Friday and was specifically told a few days earlier the time I needed to submit my request by, and then re-requesting the same information again when It was literally a few lines up, and the same request.


They have been pretty poor recently, 13 hours before I got a response last time. Its not urgent but 13 hours isn’t acceptable


I asked via chat the exact same question to both Monzo & Starling. Starling replied under a minute. I didn’t have even time to open monzo app and paste the message in the chat! Monzo replied after 8. No not minutes let’s not be hilarious. 8 hours.