Custom link instead of <yourname>

Can you consider having custom, user-set links? Or even a monzo-set, more anonymous, number/ text string?

For instance, I’m on a date with someone I don’t know well (let’s say it’s a first date) and they forget their wallet but are happy to pay me back, but I don’t want to see them again… I don’t necessarily want to be giving them my entire name in case they turn out dodgy/ take rejection badly.

I’m sure there are other situations you’d want to take a payment without giving out your entire legal name. People don’t always use their legal names (for instance transgender people) or feel safe giving them out.


I’m sure they’ve talked about allowing this in the future but I can’t find the specific page! Sure someone else can direct you to the right location!

I will :wink:

So custom profiles are definitely on the way - adding user photos / avatars is next up & custom usernames will be an option at some point too.

But I don’t think anyone’s ever asked for anonymous links before - I expect I’d use those too.

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Knew it was somewhere! :slight_smile: thanks @alexs

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Sorry, I did look on the posted topic & through the forum posts before writing this.

Glad to hear it’s going ahead, but I don’t think it’s that unusual to want to take a payment with a level of anonymity!

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I like the concept and reasons for anonymous page. Users could actually have both, when page is accessed via /namelastname, show name details - like it works currently.
When page is accessed via random string, then hide recipient. Ideally, short enough for someone to spell.

@JoanneFroggatt Question for you though, if you gave someone anonymised link (or custom link), wouldn’t it be obvious that you avoid giving your name? I know that a little bit of elegance and charm can probably sweep it under the rug, but could potentially be very offensive. What do you think?

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What’s a little offense in comparison to a stalker? I think if someone is offended, you know you’ve probably made the right choice. It’s common knowledge, in an age of anonymous Internet dating, that it can be unwise to give too many personal details to someone you don’t know.

Besides, if it’s a username you pick, or a number string, laugh it off and say it’s just like that.



This type of harassment is a very real problem for some people. It’s would be great to tackle the issue from both sides allowing money to be sent to an anonymous link but also to allow you to ‘block’ contacts trying to send money to you via P2P, as has been suggested here.

If people want to harrass me by sending me money they are welcome to:


While I would never block anyone from sending me money, IF Monzo ever introduce a way of sending messages between payees and recipients there may be a need to be able to block or mute those messages

There’s always one bloke ready to comment flippantly on the struggles women have to deal with frequently. Why not throw in a “not all men” for good measure?

Men get harrassed too, it is not just a problem for women. I know from personal experience. However while I may want to stop harrassing messages I am at a loss to see why I would ever block free money!

Indeed I was not being flippant in this thread, as you can see from my earlier comment:

Maybe because money has attached intentions/expectations to it. No free lunch and all that. The same reason why a woman would refuse a drink in a bar as many people seem to wrongly assume that buying a woman drinks automatically entitles you to other things.

Would it not be much easier to ignore a harasser by not having his/her money? Would you not be accused of being such a b***h for taking someones money and ignoring him?

We all love “free” money but can we sometimes afford the extra hassle that comes with it?

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Cmon, it’s quite simple - you don’t want anything to do with that person and you definitely detest the idea of having a penny that doesn’t belong to you. :slight_smile: I would rather not go into extreme, judgemental and debatable examples, but there are definitely people from whom you’d never want to receive money from.

It’s not just about harassment, but also potential fraud, false criminal accusations (I sent him £5, he sold me ton of weed) or just unwanted ‘gifts’ in whatever context (money from family that you know they can’t afford to give you, nor you need). You should have an option to opt out and stop whatever is coming, just like you can refuse to take money in real life.

I never said you shouldn’t have such an option. I just said I wouldn’t reject money from anyone and I don’t feel that necesitated the personal attacks (in particular from @JoanneFroggatt)

I was merely presenting an idea that I’d like, rather than wanting to get
too deeply into a hypothetical situation. But, if someone owes you money,
and you accept that money back from them, you’re still at liberty to ignore
them afterwards if you want to, it doesn’t follow that you are a bitch or
care if they think you are.

Oi, you said - what I quoted, ‘I am at a loss to see why’ you would ever block free money. I had only given examples what those reasons could be in a wider angle than ‘men harass woman’ aspect. :slight_smile: Last sentence was just a summary for paragraph, not unnecessarily convincing you again that it’s needed. :sweat_smile:

I never say you weren’t[quote=“JoanneFroggatt, post:16, topic:7810”]
it doesn’t follow that you are a bitch orcare if they think you are.

May have worded that wrong, never intended to suggest that anyone is anything for taking money, just that it is harder to distance yourself from people that may have a financial claim against you.

You obviously also are at a liberty to misinterpret my posts if you want :joy:

I’m not misinterpreting, I was just trying to reply to your point.

But still, I think people are getting far too deeply into hypothetical situations here, rather than recognising this as a good or bad idea. I suppose I’m at fault for trying to provide one in the first instance. :sweat_smile:

Someone said he was at a loss as to why anyone would refuse money and I tried to give an example of why precisely that might be a problem for some people.

Yeah, my hypothetical scenario transcended your original reasons but I was replying to that other poster specifically. If anything, I am agreeing with you and I think it is a wonderful (and essential) feature! :+1:

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