Avatars for payments and Monzo.me

Hi there,

As promised we’re already working on bringing avatars to Monzo.me and P2P payments. This is how it will look:

We even have part of the backend ready for it. So ready that this very morning @priyesh uploaded the first avatar ever to Monzo.me… (I have the feeling he’s thinking on taking a holiday break :beach_umbrella:).

Stay tuned, we’ll be releasing this good stuff :soon:



Just wondering if you’re planning on eventually allowing users to update profile details like this via the API?
It could be useful to allow people to use IFTTT so that when they update their Facebook profile image it’d update your Monzo avatar.

Also any plans on using Gravatar?
Would be great if my photo was pulled into my account based off my email address.


Yeah, I don’t see why not. I think in general our apps will eventually work on top of the open API so it’s very likely that we will give you access to everything. The idea of using IFTTT is great btw :heart_eyes:

I think it was one of the first things we talked about but it got discarded for been seen as extremely techie and kind of dead, specially when compared to Facebook and Twitter. Not good enough reasons maybe?


I honestly agree on Gravatar, great idea but poor technical and logistical implementation.

Would like to be able to tell Monzo to just mirror my Twitter or Facebook profile picture though. One less place to have to remember to update to keep everything consistent!

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Out of curiosity… How often do you change your avatar on Twitter/Facebook? (I’ve been using my pink square since 2005 O_O)

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I’ve personally kept this same one for just over a year but on my Twitter timeline, it’s not abnormal to see someone change their avatar every month or even week! It definitely seems to be something unique to certain communities.

Looking at changing mine to the same character with clothes from a later game but I counted just over 60 places I’d have to update! :scream:

Yeah. I guess trying to explain to people within your app that they can use Gravatar may be a bit confusing as a lot of people don’t know what it is.

However for the few that already do, having it implemented as the default option would be great.
I just love it when I log into a new app and it’s used my gravatar.


I’d agree how hard is it to implement Gravatar, it’s just an MD5 of the email, not saying everyone has to use it, but it would be a simple thing to support.

No one said it was difficult to implement, the difficulty is for a user to manage

Hmm… what management by the user would you say is required? I would’ve thought that Gravatar doesn’t even need to be mentioned in-app - it would just work for those who happen to use it :slight_smile: - and remain invisible to everyone else.

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To be honest, I can easily imagine people who left a comment on a WordPress blog eight years ago (and was uploaded to Gravatar without them really knowing how that works) suddenly asking us why that old picture of them suddenly appears on Monzo. Then we would need to tell them to go to this website they’ve never heard of in order to change it. Do you know what I mean?

So… yeah, I think we prefer to keep things simple even if it’s a bit less powerful :slight_smile:


As someone who did leave a comment on a WordPress blog eight years ago and couldn’t figure out for ages why this old photo of me kept popping up everywhere and then only got to the bottom of it by actually tracing the image back to Gravatar through the Chrome DevTools, who then didn’t know I had a WordPress account and didn’t know the details who then got confused when it failed to update (aggressive caching), the whole experience was quite intense… and I say that as someone who is a WebDev with 10 years experience.


I find Gravatar, personally, to be extremely useful. I think having multiple sources of avatar uploads (upload your own / Gravatar) is perfectly fine, as long is its very obvious through the UI what the source of the currently uploaded avatar is.

Also, if your worry is users seeing old pictures of themselves that they may not have remembered uploading, then make Gravatar a user action and not automatic? What do you think, @hugo?

Monzo IMO should keep it simple and stick to connecting with services that have wide adoption, i.e. Facebook. If they wanted to provide more options (such as Twitter and LinkedIn) then perhaps Gravatar could be an option but it’s still very niche

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