(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #7

Damn! Looks good - Will it look as good on Android :wink: lol

(Hugo Cornejo) #8

We do, 100% :slight_smile:


As usual seems designed with iOS in mind as the instructions “If you already have a Monzo card, go to the Request tab under Contacts to find your unique username and share your link.” surely don’t work on Android :sob:

(Josh Bray) #10

I’m sure they’ll release it very soon. The android devs are doing a great job

(Oliver Ford) #11

When you say “your name”, how does that scale?

Can I pick my name, or is it assigned?

If I signed up later and am not the first of my name, do I have to live with some annoying numeral suffix?

(Hugo Cornejo) #12

For now the link is assigned directly with your full legal name, all lowercase. First user to enable the feature gets the “clean” username, subsequent collisions are solved with a suffix number. It doesn’t look awesome but it solves the problem.

Once is working we’ll surely evolve it into a traditional username model where users can define their own names, profile pictures and aliases (eg. Twitter) :hatching_chick:

Profile Picture
Avatars for payments and question
Custom link instead of <yourname>

so all the iOS users will get their name but by the time Android catches up they will need a number suffix on their name


yes, overtyping the amount would be good. This basic functionality is lacking from topup so would be a shame if it also missing from here

(Hugo Cornejo) #15

[quote=“MIROW, post:14, topic:6781”]overtyping the amount would be good.

That’s how it works, you can see in the screenshot that the amount is £17.64 :+1:

Regarding Android, fair enough. If you are really concerned about “your” username being registered by someone else I’d suggest asking a friend if you could use their iPhone to log in and get first. Probably overkill, but it’s a potential workaround.

Would it be better if we could release features in both platforms at the same time? Of course, but the reality is that one of the apps started much later and it wouldn’t make sense to stop iPhone development just to artificially close the gap. So our iOS devs keep building new stuff while the Android team catches up at an IMHO amazing speed. I hope it does makes sense :grinning:

(Oliver Ford) #16

Oh boy, that’s going to be fun for some! :laughing:


Thanks for reply :slight_smile:

(Arslan) #17

When will this be available? Any Idea?

(Arslan) #18

Monzo.Me Website is already Up :wink:

(Kelvin Williams) #20

The website says existing users can go into the Request Tab under Contacts to find your unique username and share your link. I have the latest 1.8.2 iOS App and only have Send showing, no Request Tab. Is an App update due to correspond with the website?

(Alex Sherwood) #21

Yes, that tab’s not available yet.

(Rika Raybould) #22

After playing around with the pages of some of the team and having a think about some of the uses, I retract this comment. It’s consistent with a cold open without a requested amount.

Would love to see something like optical codes with an in-app scanner for in-person Monzo to Monzo payments though if that can be built on the same systems.

(Stuart Cameron) #23

Just paid myself and it works :slight_smile:

#24 :+1:

(Alex Sherwood) #25

Me too :smiley:

Yet another reason not to thank my parents for giving me the middle names Peter Lowater @OJFord :disappointed:

If anyone wants to test sending money to someone else, feel free to send money to :wink:

Also, I was wondering whether this would enable users to fund Monzo cards from credit cards & having accidentally tested that - it doesn’t.

The first time I’ve used in browser Apple Pay though, very cool! You don’t get a receipt (see Stuart’s screenshot) if you use this payment method though. You still receive a receipt if you use this payment method.

Lastly, this is relatively minor but when I used my debit card to make a payment to myself, I used the name on my card Mr Alexander … & Monzo has picked up the Mr as if it was my first name that causes a couple of problems in the app (outlined in red) -

that may become a bigger issue once you’ve received payments from two different people with Mr / Ms etc. at the beginning of their name on their card…

Obviously it would be better if Monzo filtered out common titles from the beginning of sender’s names.

To avoid this, users can ask senders not to include their title or middle names when completing their card details. The payment was still authorised for me, when using a Lloyds card.

I’ve now ended up with payments from what Monzo sees as 4 different people -

so perhaps Monzo could link payments together based on card / account number in the future?

Again, these are only minor changes but I thought I’d point out these potential improvements so that they can be considered.

(Rika Raybould) #26


Needs better metadata though, some OpenGraph/Twitter cards/etc. tags would be appreciated and are super easy to do. Twitter, LINE and other social networks show nothing but the bare link.

(Frank) #27

It would be great to build this into transactions. So you can go into a transaction and see an option to forward the payment request to someone. Then the amount can default to the transaction amount. You could then choose an option of % so it works out the amount for you.

You could then also prepopulate the Note field with the transaction info.

Should only be a few steps more to send one request to multiple users.