Monzo Plus: Custom links

I have just subsribed to Monzo Plus. Whilst there are some great features, I think there is one really key feature for me which is missing…

I would like to be able to customise my payment link. Currently it is my name with a number which does not look neat and does not match my social media.

I think it would be great if plus members could customise these links. This feature would completely sell me on Monzo Plus. At present, whilst the features are good, I’m not sure they are enough for me to stay subscribed.

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Would a custom payment link really swing the balance on whether they’re worth it?

I have a custom link, but I think these were phased out so people would stop contacting support about it. I had mine for quite some time.

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It would definitely swing the balance for me, but I’m willing to admit I perhaps have a weird obsession with these things.

I just really like having a consistent username / vanity URL across all different platforms.

I know you used to be able to reach out to support in the app and get it changed so long as it was to a valid representation of your name & it isn’t already taken.

Oh okay, worth a shot! I’ll happily give anything a go haha

This was a feature in the original Plus, I was surprised it didn’t return this time.


Before it was bundled with plus it used to be free.

Might as well try. If you don’t ask you don’t get :grin:

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In the first iteration of Plus when you could ask for custom names, I had mine set to “zzz”

Still active and I think I only used it once and it definitely confused whoever I asked to pay me so maybe not the best idea I’ve had…


I wanted but they wouldn’t let me