Currys cancelled order refund

HI there, I ordered a oculus rift quest 2, but changed my mind and requested the order be cancelled (this was done on the 26th, and i have email confirmation), I am wondering how long curry’s are taking to refund people at the moment to monzo as it was quite alot, and can monzo rush the refund through?

Its not showing on my feed. So I assume monzo dont know anything about it yet?

According to the Curry’s website it takes up to 14 working days.

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I cancelled an order I changed my mind on recently.

I got my refund confirmation after 48 hours and my actual refund 5 days later.

I had part paid for the order with a voucher and a replacement voucher arrived a few days after the refund

Ah that would suggest that I should get it on tuesday then. Thanks for your help.

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So don’t expect it Tuesday

Monzo is normally quite quick in terms of refunds. Just wanted to see how quick it was for others

It isn’t Monzo who are quite quick, all banks are.

The issue is until the bank get a notification that money’s being returned they can’t do much. It’s the retailer who holds this part of the process.


It’s nothing to do with Monzo, it’s Curry’s.

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We do participate in all the Mastercard clearing cycles, whereas most banks only participate in one a day, so it can be a little quicker :wink: