Chat wait times June 2020

Hi all - just got back a message that wait time for chat is 20 hours… can that be correct as other places have been around 1-2 hours… would it perhaps be a better option to have Monzo say that they will text you back in 20 hours perhaps?

Been with Monzo since 2016, customer service was amazing, but last year or so I’ve struggled to get through to chat with a person. As there is no telephone/email/branch contact - this is actually a huge thing.


Phone number is on the back of your card

Email is

You don’t need to keep the app open, they will message you back when they can :slight_smile:

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Which instead of operating a sensible queue disconnects you after x minutes.


the only time I have contacted Monzo over the phone it was answered in 4 minutes …I charitably think it might have something to do with the lockdown that there aren’t many staff answering calls …having said that …there should be :slight_smile:

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Well if that’s what they’ve quoted as an estimate via the actual chat then yeah I’m guessing it’s correct

The only time I’ve ever contacted Monzo over the phone it cut me off after five minutes.

I never bothered again.

Monzo has a very real problem with its customer service.


It’s not great but if your enquiry isn’t urgent just make sure you’ve given them all the detail and go enjoy the rare sunshine :sunny: As mentioned above you don’t need to sit there and wait, and the age of your account sadly isn’t a factor for getting priority either :pensive:

The time is just an estimate but I’m sure they’ll get back to you as soon as possible :slight_smile:


This is a big concern for me due to the fact I’m going to need to increase my limits to transfer a large amount of money for a house, and Monzo won’t increase the limits in advance. Meaning I’ll have to message on the day and just hope they action it promptly.

I’ve purchased a house using Monzo. You have plenty of time as the funds need to be deposited into yours solicitors account well in advance. It’s them that transfer the money on the day you exchange keys/ move in. (if I remember correctly) :slight_smile:


That’s reassuring to hear.

I’ve remortgaged a house using Monzo - no issues whatsoever.
This included a large transaction landing in my Monzo account and several less-large transactions leaving it. I didn’t even pre-warn Monzo this was happening and it happened as planned - almost all on one day too.


I’m not sure that’s true anymore. I actually had this exact discussion on chat with them 2 days ago, they took about 12 hours to my reply which I said makes me feel uneasy about leaving it until the day I need to send my house deposit to the solicitor to get my limits raised.

They promised me if I contact them the day before they can raise them for the next day. I feel happier now, we’re currently waiting on the date that I need to do this but they said its possible

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Same here, except starting a new mortgage. Literally sent money from my old savings account at Halifax and paid a deposit of around £7k, no issues at all.

That is below the limit of 10k though surely.

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That’s good to hear. I won’t need to worry when I win big on the National Lottery!

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Yep - I’ve just used the ‘Chat Help’ feature having not done so for over a year and it took 13 hrs to get a response and now they’ve just disappeared in the middle of the chat - good support is a core feature of making people feel that their finances are literally supported I feel bad about this having been with Monzo since Alpha. I hope their new funding round produces a balance between growth and maintaining core service levels.


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