Current account switching for joint accounts

(Steve Chandler) #21

Oh my gawwwwd. Was hoping to have my current joint overdraft sorted at this point so I can’t switch just yet but knowing it’s there, huzzah!

(Martin Joseph McGranaghan) #22

Yea!! Full Joint Account delights, here we go!

(Harry Waters) #23

I can’t see the option yet, should it be there?!


It’s not showing for everyone yet, but you can cheat it:

  • Make sure your joint account is the active account in your app
  • Go to the Help tab and search for ‘switch’.
  • Then choose the ‘What is a full switch?’ help page.
  • In there will be a button to begin the switch.

(Harry Waters) #25

Thanks :pray: in progress now! :grinning:


Love it when people find workarounds!! Bye Bye Tesco Bank…!!

(Martin Joseph McGranaghan) #27

Haha! Yes this is very similar to how I managed it. Expected switch date Friday, yeoooo!

(Tony Perrott) #28

Ive tried this but looks like it has selected my single account. Will wait and see.


Mine has completed and looks to have worked perfectly.


There’s technically been a work around since the day joint accounts wash launched! :wink:

(Martin Joseph McGranaghan) #31

Just double check you selected your joint account in the app prior to clicking the link on the article. Personally i used one of Mr Cooks blogs on switching which seemed to do the trick.

(Richard Cook) #32

Launched! You can now switch your joint account over to Monzo using the Current Account Switch Service :tada:

Keep your feedback coming here:

(Richard Cook) closed #33