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(Alex Mayo) #1

Hi all.

I just received an email from Monzo giving me access to the current accounts.

However when I click the link which is supposed to let me download the Monzo Bank app, i get the following:

Any idea what I can do?


(Tristan Thomas) #2

Can you drop an email to explaining this and including your Google Play email address and we’ll get you added :slight_smile:

(Alex Mayo) #3

Ahh silly me.

I forgot I could enroll in the beta via the play store.

Thanks anyway Tristan!

(Tommy Long) #4

I think you’re still going to need to email them your Google Play address… you won’t be able to see the new app otherwise. You’re probably just enrolling in the beta for the prepaid scheme.

(James Yale) #5

I’m getting the same issue - my Monzo account email address is different to the one associated with my device. Have emailed help to see if they’ll invite my other address.

(John) #6

Process worked flawlessly for me… Thanks guys… Super excited now :grinning:

(Richard Drinkwater) #7

Yep work fine for me too… Card on its way!!!

(Daniel Taylor) #8

Been getting this for about 30 mins. Will keep trying.

(John) #9

Got the invite late Thursday evening, followed the link to the Android Monzo Bank app, filled out some details and did the 2 step verification process and within 30 mins got the confirmation.

Unbelievably my Monzo debit card arrived on Saturday with my name and everything on the card, how you do that so quickly haha :clap:.

Absolutely flawless process from start to finish :monzo:. thank you :smiley: :tada::confetti_ball:

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