Can't download Monzo Current Account using links provided

(Brent Lindo) #1

It won’t download it says that nothing is found when I click the link provided in my invite !

Please help !

(Tom ) #2

Hi Brent,

I don’t think there’s much we can do on the community to help given the lack of details.

Drop Monzo an email at and they should get you up and running.

(Brent Lindo) #3

Thanks Tom the guys @ help managed to sort out just waiting for my card now :grin:

(Ashley Mason) #4

I’m having the same issue, seems the android version of the app is in beta and the users account has to be added to Google Play by the developer to allow access to download the app…

(Brent Lindo) #5

This was actually resolved by waiting about 1 week for the Monzo Bank app to appear on the play store