Early Current Account Access For Investors

(Matthew Jones) #1

Hey guys,

I hope you’re all well. I just have a quick question about the current account and getting first ‘dibs’ as an investor.

My friend who’s not an investor received an invitation to attend an event about the current account and to sign up for it however I didn’t.

Did I miss something or should investors not have received this first?

I had to have a look around on the Monzo site to find a form to fill in that asked me about the current account in which I said I would wait for the investor cards to be available which is fine, I’m in no rush.

I guess I just feel a bit :man_shrugging:t2: that non-investors have had invites before investors. Or maybe it’s just my bad luck…


(Tom Warren) #2

Your friend will have potentially filled out the form saying he/she happy to test now, hence he/she getting an invite.

As an investor you will get ‘first dibs’ when the public rollout commences. If you signed the form expressing interest to test this preview rollout like your friend must have, you would potentially (no guarantees) got an invite.

I hope that makes sense.

This might help clarify it further, although only a snippet. It may be worth reading the thread in its entirity to get full context:

(Dan) #3

If you’ve said that you will wait for an Investor card then from what I understand you won’t get invited to a preview event as instead you’ll just be in the first wave of the cards once out of that stage (ie later in the year - when the Investor cards are ready)…

(Matthew Jones) #4

I only filled that form in when he told me he’d received the invite for the account. I’m not annoyed or anything, more just confused how they’re allocating/choosing/does being an investor mean much?

(Alex Sherwood) #5

Yes, from the blog post -

If you invested in the crowdfunding round earlier this year, we promised you priority access to the current account and we will of course be honouring that. You now have two options:

  1. Register now — as an investor, we will ensure you are invited to get a current account this quarter in the first group of people. However, your account will still be subject to the limitations outlined above and you won’t get your limited edition Investor debit card (because they’re not quite ready.)
  2. Wait a little — as soon as we’re confident enough to roll out current accounts en-masse and the limited edition Investor debit cards are ready, we’ll make sure you’re in the very first group to receive a card and current account. This will likely be in 3–4 months.

there’s more details in that blog.

(Matthew Jones) #6

Thanks for your help guys.


Fellow investors, for those who signed up for the current account preview have you all received cards by now or still waiting?

(Adam) #8

The ‘Current Account Preview’ is not the early access to current accounts promised by Monzo to 2nd round investors.
When the Current Account is released, investors will be notified first.


Hello adam - From the blog post it does indicate investors will get a current account preview in the quarter if they apply. The quarter is coming to a close soon (Jul-Sept)


Did you sign up to the preview?
Have you had the card more than six months and been actively using it?
Are most of your transactions in the UK?


Yes to the first two, 50/50 for the last one - However, today my girlfriend got the invite and she only uses the account abroad. She is not an investor. So it seems to be random, with no investment priority.

Have all investors who signed up for the preview been sent an invite?


That is exactly right. Investors will get access to the final product before the other customers.