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Just tried the new CSV export & am v glad that time & date separated–makes it much easier to sort & filter to summarise what I’ve spent with one merchant in one time period. My wish, if I’d seen this in time, would be for a custom date range of export and/or month by month, not only the last month. I know I can filter the ‘all time’ one in excel, but would be less friction if I didn’t have to.
Thanks for the existing improvements :blush:

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This used to be possible, but there’s a bug preventing it from working.

No response from any Monzo staff so unclear if it’s being investigated or not.

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I just tried this on my phone and it works for me…

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My apologies, I hadn’t tried it again since February when the bug was there. Thanks for correcting me, great to have the monthly exports back! Just tried it and it’s working for me too. :partying_face:

So the correct response to this should have been to say:

  1. Tap on the little pie chart in the top right of the main feed to go to the Summary (budgets) screen
  2. Tap on the This Period dropdown at the top under Summary
  3. Choose the month you want to export
  4. Scroll to the bottom, and tap on Export & bank statements
  5. You have the option for All Time or <Month> based on the month you selected for the summary period
  6. You’re then presented with the options of PDF, CSV, or QIF

Ooh! It worked! Fab, thank you very much for that, game-changer for me :blush:

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Anyone else lost the ‘export and bank statements’ link? I can’t seem to see how to export my transactions from the summary page?? There’s no option anywhere anymore!

are you looking for … on iOS bank statements - ?

from the summary page pick the month below “summary” scroll to the bottom of the page and export bottom right follow the prompts

for PDFs - on the home screen under your card image , go to account , go to statement history, pick a month

for CSV exports - search button top right …type in month and year as the search , export bottom right CSV or QIF

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