Exporting CSV files


I’m struggling to import transaction dates into spreadsheets in a usable date format. The Monzo CSV import lumps date, time and timezone together. I get strange results when opening with or importing into Excel or Open Office and setting a date format.
I’m not sure if there is a problem to report here, or just an inability on my part.
Any advice please?


Ah, found the answer (at least for Open Office). In the text import dialogue screen, both “Comma” AND “Space” need selecting as separators!

(Rob) #3

Hi dude,

I’ve been breaking my head over this for several months now how to get the date sorted. Just now gave it another shot, and it worked.

For other peeps who do not know how to use the ‘delimiter function’ in Excel, please check here:

Thanks mate! :smiley:


Glad you have it sorted. :smiley:
BTW, just for info; a very minor :bug: has been spotted in the Android version to do with the “seconds” time value. (A search on this forum for “CSV” should bring this up). The Monzo techies are on it, so should be sorted soon.