CSV Export notes column

(Hugo Card) #1

Hey guys,

Just done a CSV export but certain columns are blank.

  • Local currency ( would expect TRY )

  • Local amount ( Would expect something to be populated for relevant transactions )

  • Notes ( I populated these on the app but they’re blank on the Export )

  • Category field is sometimes left blank ( In my case I’d expect these to be populated with Finance as per what is on the app)

I don’t think emoji and receipt Columns are relevant for the export

Also a few little preference thing from:

  • Would it be ok to change the date format to something excel can recognize easier?

  • Uber does a card check before you order a taxi which appears as a zero value on the statement - It’s extra data which is not needed, can these be filtered out of the export?

  • Please could the order of the columns be changed to something more useful ( E.g. Date / Description / Categories / Notes / Amount etc.) makes it easier to read at a glance without me needing to write formulas. (I can write formulas for workarounds however some other users might not)

Could you help?

Not only would this help me personally but would also be closer to the needs of business users

(I work as an accountant and this would help me in the office if we were using Monzo - Having said this all major banks so far give rubbish exports and require me to give training to help new starters understand them - Monzo can beat them on this! (please do because we pay them £10,000 bank charges/fees each month so that money could be going in your pocket).

Many thanks