Bug: Incorrectly formatted transaction time in CSV export from the Android app

(Jakub Kadlubiec) #1


I was happy to see that the transactions export is now available on the Android app! Thanks for that :+1:

However, I think there is a little bug in the transaction time formatting.

Some of transactions from my export which I believe are incorrect:

tx_0000900000000000000000,2017-11-17 09:04:92 +0000,-6.80,GBP,-7.60,EUR,entertainment,🌌,ABC,"ABC",,
tx_0000900000000000000000,2017-11-16 07:17:74 +0000,400,GBP,400,GBP,general,,Top up,,,
tx_0000900000000000000000,2017-11-15 16:40:75 +0000,-1.72,GBP,-49,CZK,eating_out,,ABC,"ABC",,
tx_0000900000000000000000,2017-11-15 15:29:98 +0000,-40.96,GBP,"-1,169",CZK,groceries,🍻,ABC,"ABC",,
tx_0000900000000000000000,2017-11-10 12:51:92 +0000,-5.50,GBP,-5.50,GBP,eating_out,🍴,ABC,"ABC",,

I am happy to provide real transaction IDs if needed.

Notice that the created column’s second section goes over 60 (09:04:92 for example). I believe that it should be formatted as a number between 0 and 59.

Is it really a bug or I am misunderstanding the format?

Cheers, Jakub


Well spotted! I hadn’t noticed that. I had imported the CSV into Excel (having added ‘space’ as a delimiter) to create separate date, time and time zone columns. Then reformatted the date and time columns to my preference. For time I had set hh::mm and all appeared okay. On looking more closely, I see the times compared with the app info appear to roll over to the next minute where the second data in the export are >60.
So I’d say a bug, but it’s really only the date that interests me, frankly, so I can live with it.

(Andrew Schofield) #3

Having looked at the data from the API this does indeed seem to be a bug. The CSV export seems to have the millisecond value (formatted to 2sf) in place of the seconds. @Jami can you take a look at this?


Thanks Andrew. I knew there must be a tech savvy guy out there with the answer!

(Jami Welch) #5

Thanks for the report, I’ve added it to our backlog to investigate and fix :+1: