Credit Reference Agencies

(Fanny Adams) #1

Hi all,

New on the forum.

I opened a Monzo account about 6 months ago and was working abroad and used a friends address.

I’m back to UK for at least 3 months but may go abroad again soon.

I’m concerned at what could/will come up on credit reference agencies as this account would presumably have been registered at my friends address.

Could this create any issues from either my friend or myself?


(Jonathon) #2

If the address registered for your account doesn’t match the address the credit agency has for you then it won’t show.

Monzo currently only shows on Noddle/Call Credit.

I think you can get a linked address on your file, but I’m not sure how that works.

In terms of issues, it won’t be an issue for your friend. The possibility of not having a bank account on your credit file being an issue is one that is being discussed still - Monzo NOT On Credit Report

(Fanny Adams) #3

Many thanks