Credit score after name change

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Question. I am in the process of divorce. Once I am divorced I want to change my name by deed poll back to my maiden name. I have a Dutch passport in my maiden name but also want to change everything in the uk - where I live and am also a citizen - to my maiden name. I know the process but somebody told me that it really affects your credit rating if you change your name. Do you k ow if that is true?


It shouldn’t have much impact as long as you let every lender on your credit file know the new name and they start using it to report your credit file.

Your previous name will remain on file but when your new name will become the primary name. You can also get advice from the CRAs

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Interesting question,

I found a blog post on Experian’s site that talks about how changing your name due to marriage will not in itself affect your credit rating. Although your situation is the reverse of marriage it sounds like the points would still apply.

I’ve also found another article on the Deed Poll Office’s site that says you must ensure that all financial organisations are aware of your new name when you change it to prevent credit from being denied.

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Thanks so much for this. Really helpful!

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Thanks so much. I will bear all this in mind!

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