Name changing across my financial life

hi i changed my name.

i can change my name at banks by giving them proof

what other financial companies should I change my name at to prevent headaches?

i presume credit reporting companies will pick up my name has changed from all the banks etc?


They also pick it up from the electoral roll as when you update your name with your local council, they start reporting the new name to credit agency’s

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:bowing_man: Thank you! Just applied to change it on the electoral role :slight_smile:


Not necessarily. I’d change it with all who both read and write to your credit file as well, just to be safe. Otherwise you might start raising some red flags with those companies in the future.

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From what I’ve read:

  • Experian - I can submit a form
  • clearscore - I need to delete my account and remake it (not a joke)
  • Transunion - No info on doing this in the UK, but in the US they have a form

Ah, I was meaning things like your utility companies, anyone you’ve got some kind of credit contract with like Sky, or your mobile network provider.

But yes, of course. You’ll need to update the reference agencies too. They can link it all together but I’m not sure how well that works. Everything was fine when I dropped the usage of my middle names, but I don’t think I’d want to bank on it if I change my forename or surname or both.

I vaguely remember HMRC being one, if you do anything online. So like for checking your pay is correct, or any student loan you can update it with your online gov account.

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I changed my name in 1997 when TSB wouldn’t cash my cheques. There was a mismatch between the name on my birth certificate (used by TSB) and my Equity stage name (used by my employer), meaning I couldn’t get tv royalty cheques paid in.

So I changed over fully to my new name.

How did you do it? “In my day” I just rocked up at a solicitor’s office, paid £5 and swore a Statutory Declaration. Imagine the cost has gone up since!


Thanks! Applied to change :smiley:

Ooh, have we seen you in anything?


Nah it’s free using a deed poll signed by two people


Undoubtedly :sunglasses:

I’m a public servant these days, but still take time off to do stuff.


Only place I forgot & had trouble with was when coming to sell my house. The deeds were in my old name & all ID in new name. So needed to jump a hoop or two to prove it’s me.

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