Credit Card payment and wrong pin

Not sure this is a bug of Monzo or Halifax. I’ll just report it, feel free to close if not relevant.

I have tried to pay an Halifax credit card with my Monzo account. When doing so I selected one of my 2 Monzo accounts (a joint account). Upon payment the pin seemed incorrect however I managed to get a successful transaction by entering the pin of my other account. The transaction however was correctly registered on my joint account.

Details to reproduce:
OS: Android
Device: Samsung A22
App Version: 4.15.0

None unfortunately

What PIN are you referring to?

In my experience when you pay your Halifax credit card, you just need the card number, sort code and 3 digit security code.

You’ll have to authorise it with your biometrics or a security code sent to your device.

I think with LBG it now uses open banking as I hear it with mbna. And they can link through and make payment that way instead of card.

The pin would be required in the Monzo app if face recognition isn’t available or applicable to auth the payment to LBG card.

The pin would be from when you set up the Monzo app originally, surely your personal pin if authing from your device? Not the joint account as this was added after, so it sounds like (unless I haven’t understood) the app is working correctly thus asking for your personal app pin?

I thought pins relate to current accounts? What do you mean exactly by “app pin”? Is it the pin of my initial first Monzo account? If that’s the case, it’s a bit confusing as by being presented with a pin screen soon after selecting an account (similar to a payment) would make me think that it is asking the related account pin.

That’s my thought. The app PIN not the card PIN which is used when biometrics is turned off.

Simple question. Do you have biometrics turned on for payments?

I.e. when you make a purchase do you authorise it in app with your fingerprint or face?

I don’t have biometrics set up. I authorise payments in the app by card pin.

That’s where the confusion is. You’re not authorising in app by card PIN. Your authorising by using the app PIN you set up for security.

So you have the same APP PIN regardless of if you pay via personal or joint account.

That would make sense however, how do I modify the “app pin”? I can’t see anything that relates to a pin in the app settings.

Good question. I’m not entirely sure I’m correct now thinking about it :see_no_evil: I have biometrics turned on so have never used it.

I’m sure I read the app can be locked by a custom pin though… Hopefully someone else can help and/or clarify.

Oooo a monzo employee is typing… I’m keen to know the answer one way or the other :eyes:

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working at 8pm to boot

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If you had the joint account selected then it will have paid the bill from your joint account and hence asked for you joint account PIN.

Whichever account you’re on before selecting the pay tab will default to the account you’re paying, but you can change this.

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Think I misread that but the app will say which PIN to enter. Let me try get a screenshot.

I’ve never heard this reported as a bug before, but I use the same PIN for both my current and joint accounts.

You won’t ever be asked for an app PIN to send a transfer. On iOS you might get asked for you phone passcode to unlock the app if FaceID doesn’t work.


Thanks Monzo employee :slight_smile:
Oh ok. So it asks for the card’s pin. The transaction has been registered against the joint account, with a pin that corresponds to the personal account pin (let’s put it this way). I guess it would need reproducing. I will try again and see what happens.

Battery :scream: - plug-in quick!


I’ve also had experiences of ‘incorrect PINs’ between a Joint and Personal account - both are different. And for good reason, from a security standpoint.

Boss Do blur your account details :blush:

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You can only pay into a sort and account, unless there’s some new way to withdraw money with these :man_shrugging:t3::sweat_smile: