App asking for pin

Hi there
Sorry for the question but this is the first time that it happens.
I tried to pay at the shop with my monzo card and the payment was rejected so I had to insert the pin.
Back home, the app asked me for the pin. I have Monzo for more than a year now and I’ve never had to put the pin in order to use the app.
Is it normal?

Thank you

Hi. Welcome.

You have to use put your pin when you’ve spent £100 via contactless. You can see those limits in the app.

As for the pin, it’s required for some things like transferring money. You can set the app to require it to get into the app.


Thanks for the answer.
The thing is Monzo asked me to put the pin only to access the app and it never asked me that before, so I was wondering if it’s normal or I should contact them.

You will be asked for your PIN in app every so often. I got asked last week


Oh I see I didn’t know that.

Perfect thank you so much!!


No problem

I completely forgot about it until I was asked. Took me a minute to remember why :grin: