Credit Card payment and wrong pin

Maybe somebody will send me free money :rofl:

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Well there is this:

But the Direct Debit Guarantee should protect you.


Thankfully Chase don’t support direct debits :joy:


Your worries would be if a person was trying to use you for money laundering or to implicate you in fraud, bribery etc you could get your account closed,

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Just an update on this issue as I managed to replicate it.

Here is what happens:

  • Tried to pay Halifax CC with Monzo
  • From the Halifax app I select Monzo to pay my CC.
  • On confirm, I get a Monzo screen to select an account to pay from: “Personal Account” or “Joint Account” are the options.
  • I select “Joint Account”
  • On confirm, a Monzo screen appears asking for the “Personal Account” 's card 4 digit Pin
  • I type the Joint Account Card Pin and (as expected) it fails.
  • I type the Personal Account Card Pin and it succeeds.

It’s worth noting that my Monzo app was closed before initiating the process and that it usually opens displaying my joint account.

As a user, I would have expected to type the Joint Account card pin.
I have the screenshots, but I would like to avoid posting them here.