Credit card balance

How often does the balance on attached credit cards get updated, how I can be sure it’s an accurate balance?

If it’s not always accurate is there a way to manually refresh it?


My legacy credit cards (Nationwide and NatWest) can sometimes take up to 3 days before the transactions show on the balance.

Tandem on the other hand is almost instant

Hope that helps

Tandem isn’t in the monzo integration is it?

My apologies.

I just assumed the OP meant when checking the balances on the relevant cards own website or app

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Sorry for any confusion. I’ve added my Lloyd’s credit card to Monzo and it shows me the balance I have on it.

I was just wondering how accurate the balance reading is.

IIRC the balance is refreshed every 6 hours, so 4 times a day.

Edit: See this:

Thanks @tbutz that’s the kind of info I was after. If it’s accurate to 4 hours that’s good enough.

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