Newbie - Paying Credit Cards

Hey, just made the switch to Monzo current account from HSBC. This is my first month of using it so I just wanted to check something.

I have a few credit cards to pay, I notice once paid they appear in the payments screen under “recent” but how many will appear in the list and how long do they stay there? I have a few and don’t want to have to enter the details again every month. I am hoping that next month when they are due again I will be able to scroll the complete list, is this the case?

Also, I just missed my works payroll cut off to get my salary paid into Monzo so it went into my HSBC and I have done a bank transfer to Monzo but it has been 2 hours and no show yet. Payment was for 2.5k…how long will this take?

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payments should complete within 2 hrs, if it hasn’t come through yet it may be worth speaking to in app chat to see if they can see it. if not best to speak to HSBC.

Regarding the bills, if they are direct debits or standing orders they should stay tere under scheduled payments as they are paid each month. If you paid them off via bank transfer I think it shows a limit of about 6 recent payees for now until they develop a proper list to manage payees within.

Will normally be in within 2 hours. HSBC hold all my transactions to Monzo that are over £100 for about 2 hours.

Anything less than a £100 transfers immediately. Think it’s something to do with fraud checks etc.

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Mine shows every payment I’ve ever made :S there’s a show more button

Great, sounds like a temp solution but a payees list would be useful going forward

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