CPS Direct Debit

Before I go and cancel this DD – has anyone seen this company before? Sometimes new DDs don’t have very useful names, hence the question. A Google was fruitless. Thanks!


If you try to contact customer support they may be able to give you some more info, as they may have the retailers name on their system which doesn’t always show on your direct debits page.

Contacted but they have no more information. You guys are my last resort! Thanks!

I’d just cancel it and see who gets in touch.

But if you want to search anywhere, your email account would be the place to start.


Have you signed up to something recently and entered your bank details?

Seen a few odd ones lately but my guess could be a company who handles direct debits for another.

Such as gyms, who use an outsourced processor to collect the funds.

Did you set up a direct debit anywhere in the last few days/week?


No new direct debits – have searched email and Google too. Thanks though! I’ve cancelled it.

You don’t have an EV, do you? You can set up a direct debit with the CPS charging app.


Crown Prosecution Service?


Weird. I had the same today.
Helpdesk couldn’t pull anything more descriptive.
Canceled it.

Does the reference number help? Maybe an email search with it?

I’ve nothing in emails, sadly. I think @mikez was correct - I once test drove an EV (but don’t own one - I wish) and I think this is for ChargePlace Scotland. No idea why they would randomly create a DD without contacting me etc. but I do think this is the most likely culprit.


Ahhh, good point. I do have a ChargePlace Scotland, but it DD by SWARCO. Maybe they’ve changed provider. See what comes through the email when they try to take payment


I wonder how many people aren’t as on the ball as you guys and are getting charged. I’d be interested to know the amount they’re going to charge you.

You only get charged for what you use.

Based on this story, Chargeplace Scotland sets up it’s DDI’s through GoCardless.

However, they have been ‘doing stuff’ with people signed up and ensuring there is a Direct Debit setup or blocking people’s account - so it is likely to be them…

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Hey :wave:

Have you previously had a Direct Debit for “eVolt”?

It looks like they are changing over to ChargePlace Scotland so might be related :pray: