Anyone else noticing a delay on direct debits?

Normally by the time I wake up they’ve all gone out but they’re still sat there.

One just left my account now which would normally have gone overnight

Mine have been popping out slowly all morning. I know they’ll all go today as they’re on the list as light grey due to go out but it’s a bit odd to keep getting notifications.

Yes rather worryingly my council tax and mortgage still haven’t cleared

Yeah bit slow today. Tv license only went out at 7

Same here - still some in the queue to be paid, which are usually paid in the early hours. I’ve no doubts about them being paid though.

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I contacted support but 9 hour wait and no way to flag as urgent anymore. Ridiculous that it’s a 9 hour wait.

I’ve noticed that it is usually a bit slower on the first working day of the month. It’ll just be the volume of transactions clearing. All my DDs have now gone.

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I imagine everyone is asking why the direct debits haven’t gone out, rather than just waiting a bit longer

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Which contributes to slow response times! This is where in app messaging could help. If COps notice a surge in contact on a particular subject they could either flash something on the home screen as they do for other things or when you select the help menu say something in there. A simple message to say that DDs can be a it slower at peak periods and not to contact etc etc


Great idea!

If it was showing greyed out over the weekend there’s no need to contact but people panic I suppose

Although on our telephone systems at work we ask callers to wait a certain amount of days before calling us but they ignore that and call anyway. But any reduction is better than nothing.

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Updating the service status page/twitter feed in a more timely manner would also help in providing a better customer service and reassurance


Having had issues with payments and monzo in the past, yes I find it a concern.

Is there a guaranteed time they have to go out by?

Yep slower than usual my DD’s go out around 3AM mine went out at 5:40AM today quiet funny as it worked as an alarm for me :joy: hopefully they pick up pace soon.

My mortgage is always delayed to about 9am for some reason. It’s weird.

Yeah, I think this is the big one here.

If they have always gone out during the night (as mine have), and then one month you wake up to find only half have been taken - You are going to expect there to be an ongoing issue of some kind.

It’s irrelevant whether it’s within the rules (as most people aren’t going to know or care about the DD rules), their first port of call will be frantically asking their bank what the issue is.

An in app message, tweet or some other quick communication would put the vast majority of minds at ease.

A 9 hour wait (in my opinion), is just never acceptable, even for the most mundane question at the busiest time of year.

Quite how some people seem to have become a little numb to the wait times, and now see it as OK is beyond me.


I noticed a delay.

I didn’t panic. Sometimes these things happen and with month end landing at the weekend, I know banking systems seem to struggle.

All my expected DDs have now gone out today. A few hours later for sure but they are out and paid. If nothing had gone out at all I’d have been worried.

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One of mine from yesterday has finally shown up for tomorrow. I’ve no idea where that delay came from although no app visibility tends to suggest it’s an “outside Monzo” issue.

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I had a delay with Dozens so that does seem to suggest external issues.