Couple Of Suggestions

I am new to Monzo in terms of signing up for current account, getting card and so far all is ok.

I have looked at some of the threads here for. IOS devices which is what I use and hopefully they will be integrated to it.

I do have a couple of suggestions to.add, though I am sorry if they are suggested before.

  1. When launching the app, it loads straight to the app / welcome screen showing your balance etc…It would be nice if you where prompted with a pin / touch or Face ID to actually fully open it. If someone finds your phone unlocked, what is stopping them launching the app and having fun?

  2. The ability to check / login to your Monzo account via a web browser online, so that it can be checked on a computer in addition to the phone.

  3. The ability to check or add contacts via email address instead of just via mobile number

If you’re on iOS, go to the Account (middle button in bottom toolbar), then hit your name/account details at the top, then hit Settings, and the option is "Require Touch ID to unlock app"