Require authentification when editing payees

I don’t really like that you can create and delete payees without a pin. If someone got access to your phone could do this and then next time you might be transferring money to the wrong account. Would prefer having to put in a pin either on every login or when creating new payees.
Also, if I lose my phone and card then is there any way at all of accessing money?

Easily prevented by using a PIN or fingerprint or FaceID to be able to open the Monzo app.

I’m always staggered by the number of people who don’t do this.

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Hey Michael!

If you’re on an iPhone then you can use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock your app, authorise bank transfers and see your PIN.

To turn on Touch ID or Face ID:

  • tap on your Account tab
  • tap your name at the top then ‘Settings’
  • Turn on ‘Touch ID or Face ID for authentication’ and ‘Require Touch ID to unlock app’

How to do this? I use android.

For Android its almost exactly the same process!

Head to the Account tab, tap your name, and look for ‘Settings’ in the top right of your screen.

Then, toggle “Use Fingerprint to unlock app” and you’ll be good to go :lock:

I don’t have a finger print scanner on my phone. And can’t work out how to change it to require pin number on each opening of app…

Ah, in which case the fingerprint security won’t work…

Have you set a passcode on your phone to unlock it? That would already greatly reduce the chances of someone being able to get into your phone and the app.

This seems a little shortsighted. Why isn’t there an option to require a PIN on opening the app?

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So this is something we’ve been wanting to do for while, but it’s been parked up whilst we worked on other projects over the past year.

For some context, here’s the latest public post about a PIN lock:

In answer to your original question, we have a web version of Monzo for emergencies which lets you see your transactions, freeze and unfreeze your card, and see your account balance which you can find here

If you needed to make a Pot transfer for example, then you would need to log into your account on another device, which would let you have full access to your account.

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That’s over a year ago.

Yep you’re right :pensive: Unfortunately it doesn’t look like there’s been any updates about it since, but it is still something we’d like to tackle and introduce in the future.

It’s pretty fundamental. Seems only option is to hope for the best, it’s only money.

I understand your concern Michael, but if there’s a passcode on your phone then as the first line of defence that would easily keep out anyone who doesn’t know your PIN :blush: