Council Tax direct debit issues - Hackney

I see there’s a similar thread on this but it’s been closed. (Why close threads??).

Anyway, Hackney council doesn’t like my Monzo joint or personal account. I get this error message:

The number entered above is not a valid Account Number. Please check and try again.

I’ll give them a call but anyone else with this issue?

There’s usually a reason given for the closure of a topic, have you got a link?

Perhaps it’s because no help can be given on here? Similar to this situation where the website is declining payment as opposed to Monzo - so calling the council to find out why they’re blocking it would be the best route to resolving this.

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They get closed (sometimes) when the question is answered, or after 6 months with no posts.

From memory it was something about the form not allowing 04-00-04 as they hadn’t added it as a valid option and looks like they never bothered to update it.

You can email also.

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Thanks all, I’ll try calling them and emailing Monzo on that address above.

Link is here, second page so you have to fill in the first, first

It’s okay I’m being an idiot. I was entering my Monzo account number and they wanted my council tax account number.

That’s not embarrassing at all.


But it made me laugh on a Wednesday morning!
Happy hump day.


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