Council Tax doesn't like my account details

(Mark Notton) #1

Has anyone else successfully attempted to have their Council Tax paid out from their Monzo current account yet?

I just tried and it has says this: “These bank details could not be correctly verified at this time. Please try a different bank account”.

I’ll call my council tomorrow to see if it’s something on their end.

(Sy) #2

It is something their end. They have failed to update their sort code database to incorporate half a dozen or so recent additions.

(Mark Notton) #3

Thanks Liston. Hopefully they’ll get on the case when I let them know.

(Hugh) #4

If not, have a moan to BACS - they are hot on getting companies/organisations to comply with their agreements…

(Colin Robinson) #5

@marknotton I’ve managed to set mine up with South Norfolk Council but nothing has been taken yet.

(Alex Sherwood) #6

Thanks for sharing this, could you please add your council to this wiki, in the Sort Code section?

(system) #7

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