Council Tax doesn't like my account details

(Mark Notton) #1

Has anyone else successfully attempted to have their Council Tax paid out from their Monzo current account yet?

I just tried and it has says this: “These bank details could not be correctly verified at this time. Please try a different bank account”.

I’ll call my council tomorrow to see if it’s something on their end.


It is something their end. They have failed to update their sort code database to incorporate half a dozen or so recent additions.

(Mark Notton) #3

Thanks Liston. Hopefully they’ll get on the case when I let them know.

(Hugh) #4

If not, have a moan to BACS - they are hot on getting companies/organisations to comply with their agreements…

(Colin Robinson) #5

@marknotton I’ve managed to set mine up with South Norfolk Council but nothing has been taken yet.

(Alex Sherwood) #6

Thanks for sharing this, could you please add your council to this wiki, in the Sort Code section?

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