Cosy Octopus Heat Pump - is now the time?

So I don’t know if I’m nuts but I’ve just spotted Octopus have taken the new £7500 grant off the price of having a heat pump installation.

So instead of ten grand+ it’s three grand. That’s including everything like radiators and water tank.

My gas boiler is over two decades old installed at the millennium.

I’m thinking just a new boiler is three grand+ so seems to be a good time.

The tariff called Cosy does this over the standard flexible.

Any thoughts?

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I’ve posted there too, hoping to get some discussion on the heat pump aspect.

So pretend it was from brand xyz would you go ahead?

Am I failing to miss some negatives on the deal or having it swapped?

The only thing I can see is they turn around and go well that’s a non-standard installation so we need an extra £xk to make it work.

Looks like the deposit can be cancelled at any point until they actually start.

It’s looks on paper like it will be cheaper running based on efficiency. Plus about £100+ in not paying a gas standing charge.

Anyone just had one fitted?

I was about to jump last month but hesitated. Then the grant jumped by £2.5K, so I’ve delayed until late-October to confirm.

My situation is the same - heat pump install, rip out the gas boiler, install a new cylinder and use the existing pipes/radiators. Mine comes out at £1,950 all-in. Then kill the gas supply too, which is the real goal. Then my existing air-con/inverter will cool during summer and the heat-pump will warm during winter (with hot water all year round)

Getting there. Slowly…


Lots of discussion on this in the Octopus topic. I posted about the extra £2.5k yesterday too :slight_smile:

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I got a quote and it came out as £6,500 for a 4 bed semi. A fair bit more than £3,000 for a new gas boiler.

If you search your EPC rating is yours E F G?

It might be the 6kW is aimed at 3 bed and 4-5 needs a more powerful setup :person_shrugging:

Seems harsh to be £3k for some and double that for others.

When I play with the settings and chose semi I can see some get it less than £3k

Octopus are saying it is because of the poor epc, about E. However, that is not the current level.

I think the grant exaggerates the differences, If it is £10.5K in total for a small house and £14K for one with poorer insulation then that seems reasonable. But that is £3K and £6.5K with the grant

Is it worth getting the EPC to raise it?

I’m currently adding 200mm to the insulation in the loft as a criteria for needing 270mm+

I’ll need to get the EPC done to be valid for the heat pump grant.

Picking a neighbour with the same build who I can see has a C certificate with 72 points

Mine was 55 (D) when it was done. Need 69 for a C which needs a very happy surveyor as it looks like 14 extra would be crazy from loft and lights.

I probably need to get that EPC done and get a new quote!