Energy Supplier Discussion

Hi guys
My current energy supplier - SSE and my 3 years contract ends soon… I want to switch to Bulb or Octopus…
Any recommendations/experience? Thanks!


I’m currently a Bulb user.

Really recommend them (although I have never tried octopus).

Bulb have:

  • 100% of Electricity is Renewable
  • 10% of Gas is renewable.
  • They are a Certified B-Corp, which means part of they are recongised for their efforts in doing good for the planet. (I am very keen on this thing)
  • According to Bulb, they have cheaper energy, and more green energy than Octopus (per the graphs on their homepage).


  • 100% renewable electricity (though according to here they are only 69% renewable, though this may be out of date4.
  • they carbon-offset their gas.
  • Not quite as cheap, but YMMV.

I’ve found Bulb super easy to use (in an app to enter meter readings), get ample notice when prices change, which hasn’t been often.

And I think their branding is nicer.

If any one wants a referral, for £50 credit (I get £50 too) - here is my referral link:


I’m very happy with bulb.

Some plus points are no contract or exit fees, simple app for meter readings and as said above plenty of notice for any price changes. With the notice and no exit fees you can always shop around if the price rises.
Any communications I’ve had from them seem very personal and ethical, which I like.
Personally my bills went down from around £145 a month to £68.

Not sure if this allowed but if you use the link below you’ll get £50 credit on your account and so will I:


Thanks for your reviews guys :wink: :+1:t2:

Really like the look of Bulb but I have a gen1 smart meter which restricts my moving and have an exit fee this now. I’m also need a feed in tariff for solar panels but I see Bulb can do that which is good!

Going to look at them when my smart meter is upgraded to gen2. Also looking at OVOs car to grid trial as I see massive potential in using electric cars as a way to store renewable energy!

I’ve had both - I would say there’s very little between them, so maybe just flip-flop between them for the bonuses?

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Bulb! 100% Renewable electricity is great. Plus their referral scheme is absolutely amazing. 50 pounds for each if you get their service through a referral link

Speaking of which…
Here’s mine! If you use this link and sign up for bulb, you and I will get each 50 pounds.

@glasgow -
Gen 1 Smart meters can be used with other providers - but they do become ‘dumb’ (i.e you need to manually read the meter and send the details off to the new supplier) when you switch. SMETS2 meters are coming ‘soon’ (later this year/start next year) which are multi-supplier compatible (for some reason I cannot fathom, the incubant suppliers seem to want to encourage people to get the old SMETS1 meters and then tell people they are now locked to that supplier…). :wink:

I’ve been with Bulb about 7 months now and I’m quite happy with them - they’ve had two price rises in that time (but I think most of the others have as well) which they’ve let members know about 60 days+ in advance (usually a ‘if utility prices continue, we’ll have to raise prices soon’ notice… then next month…‘yeah, we’re going to have to raise prices - existing customers get 60 days notice’: l am aware last year they put prices down a couple of times). Bulb have NO exit fee: so if you aren’t happy with the new prices, you can just leave.

Oh - and if you switch to Bulb using an affiliate link such as mine - - not only will the referring member get £50, but you’ll get £50 credit as well AND Bulb will pay your existing suppliers exit fee up to £60 per fuel (£120 total) - (Bulb will actually do the latter even if you sign up directly, but using my referral link is the preferred way for me :wink: )

I know sorry I just couldn’t bothered explaining all that :rofl: thank you for doing it for me :laughing:

I’ve just used your link.

Enjoy your £50! You can buy me a pint next time you see me

I would certainly recommend Bulb but definitely do your own research first, as depending on your circumstances they may not offer everything you want. There’s a really comprehensive overview of Bulb here:

Hi I’ve just signed up with bulb 100% renewable energy with my referal code you get £50 Credited to your account on completion and so will I, I’ve signed up with one of the referals posted above so iam sharing mine :+1:

I’ve just signed up with Pure Planet - even cheaper than Bulb! £25 Amazon voucher

Another vote for Pure Planet - currently going through their switching process, but so far it’s been hassle free and painless.

Alongside an environmental-friendly approach, their prices are keen - plus they have an active forum!

Another referral code, should anyone feel the need: (£25 Amazon voucher for both of us).

Good luck out there!

It’s worth mentioning that the 10% renewable gas comes from burning methane from pig farms. This might not be acceptable if you are vegan or vegetarian (or other reasons). Looking at the Bulb community website this has bothered some, but not others who point out that burning the methane and converting it to carbon dioxide is better than letting the methane just be released in to the atmosphere. Methane’s effect as a greenhouse gas is far greater.


I’ve switched from Bulb to Green Network Energy.

From what I gather, it’s the same renewable energy but at a cheaper price from an Italian based competitor (but please don’t quote me on this). I would use a referral link to get £30 off but this isn’t working at the moment.

Could also consider Good Energy?

Been with them for 5 years, no problems so far. Willing to switch to better or cheaper green energy provider.

Has anyone considered or have any thoughts on People’s Energy?

Is currently cheapest option for me (about 3% cheaper than Pure Planet).

For people that are looking at Bulb, you can get a double credit bonus for signing up (so £100!) until midnight Tuesday 6th Nov. It’s only available through my link though, as Bulb are offering double referral credit for one week after you have been a member for a year!

Here’s the link for £100 credit once you sign up:

Personally, I go onto Martin Lewis’ site and used his Energy Club. Put in your details, how much you spend, how many live etc and then sign up to the cheapest deal on there.

You can then set an alert for when you can save over so much £ per month or year.

With 4 people in my household, including a teenage girl who has a habit of leaving lights and electrical products on when she leaves a room, I’m quite proud of my £78 per month deal. Which I got through the Energy Club and is with Tonik.

Actually switching to British Gas as we speak as that was the cheapest Fixed Tariff for me in my area.